Flashlight - 8 LED Emergency Survival Tool

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  • The flashlight contains 8 bright LEDs powered by 3 standard AAA batteries
  • A seat belt cutter is stashed in the handle and protected by a glass breaking steel ball tip hammer
  • Tough, easy to grip, all metal body, gunmetal color, shock and water resistant
  • Use as a standard flashlight or as a multifunction rescue tool
  • Not just for auto emergencies, rugged enough for hunting, fishing, or hiking

Don't travel without the safety and security provided by this special 8 LED flashlight and rescue tool. It is the perfect size for easy storage in your car. You'll feel more at ease knowing that you have tools to help extricate yourself or your loved ones during an emergency.

This rescue tool features: - Bright 8 LED Flashlight
- Sharp easy to use seatbelt cutter
- Hammer tip auto window breaker
- Rugged all metal casing. No special batteries required. Uses 3 standard AAA batteries (Not Included)

The features of this special tool can help you get out of your car safely and get the attention of passing traffic in a road side emergency.

The bright 8 LED flashlight is housed in a shock and water resistant all metal body. The sturdy aluminum structure and water resistant O-ring seals, provide the sturdy reliable structure needed for a true rescue tool. This product is water resistant, not waterproof so do not submerge in water.

The seat belt cutter is stashed securely in the handle to prevent accidental or unintentional cutting. It is readily accessible and offers potential lifesaving features when seatbelts fail to operate properly due to damage or malfunction. The tool slashes through inoperable seatbelts quickly and safely.

Automobile doors often become inoperable in the event of an accident, submersion, or fire. The glass breaking window spike can make a quick exit when there is no other option.

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