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100% Argentine Beef Liver
w/ Blood & Muscle Building Support Factors

What Sets It Apart
* 45x as Potent: Due to the large amounts of 4x liver concentrate that it contains, U40 is highly potent, providing 45 times the nutritional value of whole beef liver on a gram-for-gram basis, with only trace amounts of fat and cholesterol. The concentrate in U40 is obtained from fresh or frozen liver by extraction with water followed by gentle vacuum-drying. It contains no diluents or preservatives.
* Grade 1 (The Highest): The liver concentrate in U40 is Grade I, the highest grade available, obtained from cattle raised in SENASA-inspected facilities in Argentina. (SENASA is the Argentinean equivalent of the USDA.) The cattle feed freely on protein-rich grasses in open pastures, unlike in America where they are fattened with high-carb grains and imprisoned in feedlots. The result is that Argentinean beef liver is lower in fat and higher in protein. The cattle are not given steroids, growth hormones, or antibiotics, or exposed to pesticides.
* U40 is rich in iron, protein (2 g per tablet) and B vitamins (B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, choline, inositol, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and PABA).
* Easy On the Stomach: Users of U40 report that it is easy to digest and does not cause gas, unlike other liver tablets.

Perfect For
* Weight Management: Mass-building diets
* Overall Health & Physical Performance
* Endurance Sports
* Age Prevention: Reduce or prevent losses of muscle, strength or endurance due to aging.
* Beginners, Injury, Layoffs: U40 is ideal for recovery from injury rehabilitation, beginners, or anyone resuming training after a layoff.
* Stacking with MASS Aminos: A high school teacher and national tae kwon do competitor increased his lean mass by 8 lb in 6 weeks by using U40 and MASS Aminos. All of his lifts also increased, as did his endurance.

* Greater gains in lean muscle and strength from workouts
* Reduction in fatigue, increase in energy (more "get up and go") and stamina
* Faster recovery from workouts and injury rehabilitation
* Reduction or prevention of muscle loss due to aging, dieting, or layoffs from training
* Reduction or prevention of muscle soreness