Muscle Mass

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Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Supplement
for Lean Muscle Mass & Recovery

What: Research grade, l-conformation, branched-chain amino acid formula with the optimal ratio of l-leucine to l-isoleucine and l-valine. Muscle Mass is a free form amino acid product insuring rapid absorption into the muscle tissue while free of extra calories and potential allergenic properties.

Who: Non steroid bodybuilders, figure athletes, and endurance athletes as well as anyone who wants to:

1. increase lean muscle mass
2. preserve muscle mass and lose fat while on a calorie restricted diet
3. improve strength, endurance, and recovery

Why: Even though BCAAs may be among the oldest bodybuilding supplements, their effectiveness in the muscle-building process remains undiminished. BCAAs make up one-third of the total amino acids in the muscle. They are essential to all muscle-building reactions. They improve performance in high-level aerobic athletes.

1. BCAAs taken before or during exercise can stimulate synthesis and decrease muscle breakdown.

2. BCAAs consumed during training raise both growth hormone and insulin at the same time, hence increased anti-catabolism and anabolism. (In short, more muscle growth and less muscle tissue breakdown.)

3. If you are on a reduced-calorie diet, BCAAs can contribute to a greater loss of fat while maintaining your strength levels. Even more compelling is that the greatest amount of fat loss comes from the abdominal and thigh regions, two areas of concern for many men and women.

4. BCAAs lead to relatively higher muscle testosterone levels and an increased ratio of testosterone to cortisol. Think of it: Using BCAAs during heavy training makes more testosterone available for protein synthesis while it increases amino acid uptake for increased muscle growth.

5. BCAAs also seem to provide a positive mental boost.