Special Veteran's Day Event

You can register on our facebook page to win a free, Paracord Survival Bracelet or purchase one to be delivered by Veteran's Day 2015!

You can order through Amazon for immediate delivery ans wear your survival bracelet now


You can order direct from Peddlersbay and have it shipped to a Veteran this Veteran's Day 2015 (November 11, 2015) to show your appreciation for their service to our country. (Shipping will begin November 2, 2015 )

Your options include; colors representing each branch of service or various camo colors, wrist size, style and buckle type 

  • Manufactured in the United States to represent the official colors of US military forces including the United States Marine Corp / United States Army / United States Navy / United States Air Force / United States Coast Guard. Additional military related color schemes are available. Variations of camo designs and camouflage for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Donations are made to veteran support organizations for every item purchased.
  • Our unique quick deploy paracord bracelet and the paracord itself are made in the USA and come with an exclusive product and fit guarantees giving you a compact survival kit you can be confident in. Wear your military colors on your wrist, attached to your backpack or a belt loop without worry. Deployed paracord can be used for numerous purposes including tourniquets, snare traps, fishing lines, makeshift shelters, securing equipment, hoisting a bear bags, fire starters and more.
  • Type III 550 paracord is commercial grade and manufactured in the USA by an official government contractor. It has: 550lb Tensile strength, 7 strand, 2-ply core, 100% Nylon material, Mildew and Rot resistant. Although we have created these with a quick deploy weave, please note that caution is advised when wearing any of our paracord devices, they will not break or slide off when caught or snag and can cause injury.
  • Now available in both a narrow or wide version there are no worries about tedious knots to untie. This survival bracelet is manufactured with a unique weave that can quickly deploy in seconds instead of minutes with other brands, providing you with approximately 12 feet (3.65m) of premium nylon paracord rope in case of emergencies.
  • Suitable for wrist sizes that measure between 7-8 inches(17.8 - 20.3cm). These corrosion resistant parachute cord bracelets can be purchased with your choice of buckles including a fire starter/whistle/knife combo, stainless steel bow shackle, or an adjustable stainless steel bow shackle. The fire starter / whistle / knife combo is not recommended for children.